All the doghouses contain the same high quality products (unless specially ordered by the client).

Standard features include:

-The „Borov” pine is used in the outside construction prevents wood rot and stays unwarped for years. The exterior is painted with a non-allergenic paint which is safe for animals called Tikurilla.
Each houses has 3 coats. Any color can be provided. Houses can also be color matched
to existing structures. The bottom structure of the houses are made with chemicaly treated
lumber to prevent the wood from swelling from moisture. The bottom is elevated from the ground on hard wood stands.

The inner floor and sides are made from compressed plywood which resists damage from nails and teeths. The inside is treated with a clear coat of non-allergenic paint which has no lingerine

The sides, bottom and roof are filled with 5 cm Rockwool insulation. This insulation keeps the dog warm in wintermonths and cool in the summer.

Entrance flaps are made from thermo plastic, to maintain a comfortable temperature for the animal even in extreme conditions. If the house is properly sized to the animal even –20 C the heat from the animals body will heat the house to a +5-10 C.

The edges of the roof and doorway have an aluminium fasade. The aluminium is non-corrosive
and prevents chewing damage which is common on the doorway. The aluminium will not damage
the mouth of the dog.

The houses can be easily taken apart, moved and set back up again in a new location. Delivery is available in all of Hungary.

The roof is hinged and it is easily opened to make access for cleaning. The roof can be a triangle roof with 2 sloping sides or a single slided sloping roof. All the roofs are shingled.

Shingle colours are : brick red, chocolate brown, mass green and grey.

While searching on the market for the house be sure that the house contains these quality
items and the house fits the size of the dog. We hope you choose to do business with us.

(see the colour patterns!)

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT - Canopy over the entrance |+25%| - Terrace – bench for sunbathing |+25%| - Kennel with foreground, boxes or houses for giving births, box indoor use - Kennel equipped with ’reducer for puppies’: there is an adjustable partition wall inside the house, which can be set to the size of the puppy, so the puppy can heat the house with its own body. |+15%| - Non slip gum floor with fastening |+5000-11000 HUF| - Houses with windscreens |+15 %| - Industrial brakeable wheels |+12000 HUF/4st| - Custom designed outdoor deck sizes - Floor heating (it’s suitable for in-house dogs as a temporary outside accomodation, and for older or ill pets). T-Red Reflekta electric floor heating with thermostat is comletely installed available. Its advantage: it’s totally safe because the filament heats maximum up to 25°C. It keeps the temperature of the kennel continuously at appr. +10°C, even then the dog is out. |+31000-41000 HUF| We can also meet special requirements and provide consultation by appointment - Built-in insulated plexi glass windows |+15 %| - Lockable doors for your dogs security |+10 %|